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"The Bible can be summed up in a single word: RECONCILIATION" - Toby D.

Core Beliefs - Where God's Story Meets Our Story

Once upon a time, an infinite, all-powerful being existed outside of time and space. Out of overflowing love (but not out of need), He began to create. He created vast galaxies filled with wondrous color and energy. He created planets and animals and life in multitudinous forms. According to him, the gem of his creation was human beings. Human beings alone he chose to animate with a consciousness that was the unalienable mark of the divine image and thus these being were given the capacity to know true love.
He then introduced himself to his creation. He said that his name was "I AM" (Yahweh). His name illustrated the reality that although he was The all-knowing, all-powerful, and eternal being, He was also very interested in and very present with humanity and was to be known in the now, the present.
     As his relationship with humankind grew, it became clear that his love for his creation was as infinite as he. Because, although he loved them, the first of his creation rejected his love and chose to love themselves and choose their own paths. But instead of completely starting over, Yahweh set out on a mission to win back the love of his creation and to show them the abundant life he had intended them to live from the start.
     It was soon learned that Yahweh (God) was not a simple singular entity but three entities unified in the perfection of oneness, three-in-one: Yahweh the Father, Yahweh the Son, and Yahweh the Holy Spirit. Yahweh's vision of reconciliation was realized through a plan of redemption by which the Son set aside his divine powers and came to earth, becoming human. He was named Yeshua (Jesus).
     Yeshua relied on his relationship with Yahweh the Holy Spirit and Yahweh the Father to empower him to accomplish his portion of the mission of reconciliation. In this way, he also demonstrated for his followers how they were to live in the world when he went back to heaven. Yeshua's mission and path back to heaven involved a cosmic battle over sin and death in which he died for the sins of humanity. But Yeshua was resurrected by Father Yahweh, further demonstrating his divinity and illustrating the inheritance prepared for his followers!  
     Yeshua's mission of love has become the mission of His followers. To this day, disciples of Yahweh Yeshua (Jesus) participate in his mission of reconciling humanity to the abundant life that Yahweh intended his creation to have. Unfortunately, for a time, Yahweh's enemy, Satan, though he has lost the war, continues to battle to keep as much of humanity in soul slumber as possible.
     Yahweh's followers, children of the light, cannot sit by and allow this to happen. There is an overwhelmingly abundant life of freedom to be lived, both in this life and the next! But, only those who are awakened to this reality will obtain it.  Those who willfully remain in slumber miss out on the divine adventure and remain cast in roles of "sound and fury signifying nothing."
     As children of the light, Trinity Chapel Austin, has been awakened to this divine adventure and are continually seeking how we can join Yahweh in the mission of reconciliation.
--Michael Lytle

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