Mission & Vision

Till the Whole World Senses...

The Vision - Where We are Going

Our vision at Trinity Chapel Austin is: "Till the Whole World Senses!" We usually add in parentheses, "Shema". Shema is the Hebrew word for "hear." In fact, the Hebrew sense of the word includes not just hearing, but listening, understanding, doing, and more...in other words, sensing with all of your being.  We believe that we have been graced with the Good News and that all who truly hear it will be launched onto a trajectory of formation that will fill their lives and the lives of those around them with unimaginable peace and purpose. Oh, and the process involves a "till".  Did you catch that? "Till the Whole World Senses." Yah, we are kind of like gardeners.  

The Mission - How We will Get There

To achieve our vision we are creating and tailoring both physical and virtual environments that encourage community and provide avenues for growing healthy hearts, souls, bodies and minds. Our programs that seek to enrich the spirit include student focused and family focused gatherings as well as outreach into our communities' public schools and businesses.  You will also find specific services offered like professional counseling, marital arts classes, and other forms of mental and physical health focused programs. AND! We are partnering with a few local business to do even more.

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